Executive Director Messages of Faith Ministry-Chaplaincy NV   SR Chaplain Victorya  
Victoria is a licensed Minister through the State of Nevada and Clark County Ministers License to Perform Marriages. Basic Chaplaincy Certification & Academy Training Development & Programmer. She is a Christian author published on Amazon & Barnes Noble. 
.An Invocator for CC Commissioners, and City of LV Council meetings. Graduate and Mentor-Hope for Prisoners ReEntry Program. , S.NV. Community Gang Taskforce Coordinator, and a CCDC METRO Volunteer Programs A National Day of Prayer event coordinator. Member of S. NV. Mental Health Coalition, Subcommittee member of CIT (Crisis Intervention Training), Jail Aftercare Program, Mental Health Court. LVMPD CIT Graduate 07, a Leadership & Resiliency Graduate, CLV CERT graduate, The 5 Critical Disciplines Certificate Graduate 2010. SNV Community Gang Taskforce GRT Handbook on Gangs Co-Instructor graduate. Courts Catalyzing Change member-Mental Health Sub-Chair, Faithbase subcommittee.Co-Founder ChallengeKADS Sports Association. 4th degree Black Belt Taekwondo. Victoria is the founder of NAFD and has worked in education for over 20 yrs co-sponsored with CCSN Cont. Ed. program/ CCSN Welfare to Work programs 1995-97, UNLV division of Educational Outreach from 1997 to present. Completed Chaplains Academy in religious studies 2013. 2015 Awarded Lifetime Achievement Recognition for her work from the NV State Governors Office, US Senatorial, US House of Representatives, US House of Congress, and partnered organizations.  

MOFM Board /Chaplains AB Alternate: Chaplain Joshua Campe:    Email          Academy Class Technician
Ordained, Chaplaincy Graduate, LV. Metro Volunteer Program, Messages of Faith Ministry Asst., Gang Prevention Subcommittee Media Luncheon Team Leader, CERT graduate. Joshua has an 8 year background in playing guitar, and an 9 yr. background in sports. Youth group Ministry music served in children's youth groups, sports, and community service of children's hospitals and schools.  Joshua served as a 3rd grade bible studies teacher 07-09, and caravan youth leader assistant with the 1st Church of The Nazarene. 
Director of Administration: SR Chaplain Barry Mainardi            Email     
Chaplain Barry served as the AB Interim Board Chair from 6/2013-12/2013 and AB-Board Chair from 1/2014 - 1//31/2016. Ordained NV State Licensed Minister, Academy of religious studies Graduate SR Chaplain, and is a CPE Graduate. He serves as the Sub Committee Chair for the Chaplains endorsing Certification board, and as a member of the Conduct Review Committee. Barry has a minor in Theology and Philosophy from the University of Dayton. He is the lead Chaplain for the Chaplaincy Worship Service at CC Juvenile Detention Center. Barry has provided ministry services in preaching, weddings and funerals.. The Chaplain liaison for “SAR”-Red Rock Search and Rescue, An HT Administration and RECAP lead for 10000 KIDS, a member of the Mayors Faith Initiatives on HT (Human Trafficking), and HT on SNV Gang Taskforce. He is the Chaplaincy liaison for CCSD-PD Chaplains program. Barry has conducted Invocations for the MVP and CCSDPD. A Graduate and Mentor-Hope for Prisoners. MVP Chaplains Administrator, also earning a multiple of Awards from LVMPD for his volunteer MVP service and hours, Barry is a RET. U.S. Army Captain/Veteran, Las Vegas Metro Volunteer, LVMPD CIT Graduate. REACT. Chaplaincy Administrator. Gang Prevention Subcommittee on HT . Barry served 9 years in the U. S. Army. Barry served the securities and pension industry from 1972 to 2002 during which he qualified as both a General Securities and Financial Operations Principal. From 1995 to-present, he serves as an arbitrator for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. A Yorkrite fraternity member. He has taught Academy Apprentice, Ordination class, and an HT presenter.
 SR Chaplain Debbie Damron:                Academy Instructor
Debbie is an ordained NV State licensed Minister. A SR Chaplain Academy Graduate in religious studies. An LVMPD Metro Volunteer, and a CCDC Programs METRO Volunteer and Chaplains lead.. SNCGTF GRT Handbook on Gangs Co-Instructor, Apprenticeship Certificate/Co-Instructor. Debbie serves as the Chaplaincy co-lead for RECAP and a member of the Chaplains Corner,She is also a Hope for Prisoners Mentors Graduate.  She has earned certificates for The 5 Critical Disciplines Certificate Graduate 2010. Conflict and Resolution Class Completion, CLV CERT graduate.  She is a co-lead  Chaplain for the Chaplaincy Worship Service at LVRM. Debbie has been an 10 year member of Central Christian Church and spent approximately 5 years as a Women's Small Group Ministry Leader. Debbie currently serves in Centrals Women's Ministry Leadership program. 
​Chaplaincy Advisory Board Policies
But select capable men from all the people, men who fear God, trustworthy men who hate dishonest gain, and appoint them as officials over thousands Ex 18:21

An advisory board may look very similar to the Board of Directors in some respect, but does not carry the responsibilities of the governing body of BOD. An advisory board is made up of a committee of volunteers who offer their input, ideas and expert advice to an organization's board. Advisory board members are not legally bound, hold no fiduciary duties, responsibilities or liabilities, but are important to the success of an organization through working with the organization and under the board of directors, i.e. President/directors. Advisory Board members are held in high esteem and set apart from their organizations members. MOFM does not apply for grants, does not recruit stakeholders, does not offer ministry members voting rights. All duties, new/old business and voting powers are subject to the approval of the MOFM BOD.

Objective: The purpose of an AB is to come together once a month for consultation, and review the organization, its programs, reports, members, events, and put into motion the planting of new seed, and continual growth for the success of the organization its body, and its members. 
Advisory Leadership roles range from Chair to Vice Chair, to Fundraising, Secretary, Treasurer and Members.

A.Advisory Board Chair
As Advisory Chairperson (“Chair”), duties can include serving as a corporate ambassador, a communication liaison between a board of directors and the advisory committee. The Chair can oversee Advisory Board program subcommittees and participate in organizational events. The position of a Chair and Vice Chair requires individuals who are analytical, creative and able to accommodate many viewpoints on issues and have strong interpersonal leadership and communications skills.
1.Chair creates the Agenda for each monthly meeting.
2.Chair consults with the Vice-Chair prior to each meeting for Agenda confirmation.
3.Chair organizes, schedules, presents and confirms the agenda at each monthly meeting.
4.Chair consults with the Advisory Board Secretary on the duties of the meeting Minutes.
5.Chair requests Member reports prior to meetings for any consultation, updates for Agenda.
6.Chair keeps a file of all Chaplain Members’ database contact information.
7.Chair provides Advisory Board Members with a list of Advisory Board contact information.
8.Chair performs/participates in organization/community events when necessary/available.
9.Chair calls the Meeting to Order and may carry the Proxy vote of Advisory Board Members during an absence.
10.The Chair reports/meets with the Ministry Executive Director upon the Executive Director’s discretion for review of Advisory Board goals, growth, CAB reports, events, new business, etc.

B.Advisory Vice Chair Role
The primary responsibility of the Advisory Board Vice Chair is to co-convene and co- facilitate the meetings, act as the liaison to the Advisory Board meetings and provides leadership to the Board. An Advisory Board Vice Chair duties can also include serve as a corporate ambassador, a communication liaison between a board of directors and the advisory committee. Vice Chair can help oversee Advisory Board program sub-committees and participate in organizational events.
1.Vice Chair consults with the Chair prior to each meeting for Agenda confirmation.
2.Vice Chair opens and ends (or chooses member) each meeting with Prayer.
3.Vice Chair facilitates the Meetings and Agenda in the absence of the Chair.
4.Vice Chair performs/participates in organization/community events when necessary/available.
5.The Chair reports/meets with the Ministry Executive Director upon the Executive Directors discretion for review of Advisory Board goals, growth, reports, events, new business, etc.

C.Advisory Board Members Role
Advisory Board members are required to select a Chair, and strongly encouraged to select a Vice Chair through nomination and majority votes. The Advisory Board is comprised of several leadership roles and general board members. Each leadership position is designed to help give the individual volunteer a sense of purpose and service while providing the Advisory Board with the required management and mission-driven purpose. General Advisory Board positions might not take specific leadership roles, but serve on the Advisory Board, help to perform monthly functions, advocate and provide education to the organization’s members and community.
1.Members select and elect the Advisory Board Chair & Vice Chair, and any other elected members.
2.Chair votes, calls to vote on a majority of meeting motions. Any member may initiate a motion or second a motion. The Chair will ask for “Discussion” after the second to the motion is made.
3.Members lead, manage, delegate and participate in special event/functions.Members serve as liaisons for partner programs; provide board reports, trainings, and updates.
4.Members are responsible for submitting their Mandatory reports to the Chair/Vice Chair and Director of Administration between the 1st-5th of each month. 
a.Comments on a report will be limited to 5 minutes.
b.If reports are late, that Advisory Board member(s) comments on that report will be given after all on-time report comments are given.
c.Members whose reports are submitted late 3 consecutive times will not be permitted to discuss new business during the meeting.
5.Members are required to attend all monthly Advisory Board meetings unless excused as described below.
a.Sickness, work, mission, unforeseen circumstance, vacation, family emergency.
b.Notify Chair, Vice Chair or Director of Administration as soon as the Advisory Board member determines the meeting will be missed
c.Advisory Board members who miss four (4) or more meetings (unexcused) per year are suspended from the Advisory Board. 
d.Advisory Board Members excused five (5) or more times per year may be suspended from the Advisory Board.'

(1)Members who experience multiple excused absences are given the opportunity to remove themselves from the Advisory Board and be appointed as a MOFM Advisory Board Consultant permanently OR 
(2)Under special circumstances, accept a temporary leave-of-absence from Advisory Board, to be reinstated when that member is able to perform Advisory Board duties as required in these Procedures. During the “temporary leave of absence period”, the member will be appointed as an MOFM Advisory Board Consultant.
e.If item “5 d (2)” is exercised, the Advisory Board will select an interim Advisory Board member from the eligible Consultants with the understanding that the Advisory Board position is temporary, the length of service based on the unavailability of the member taking the temporary leave-of-absence.
d.Members who are tardy (unexcused) 15 minutes or longer, 4 times a year are subject to suspension.
6.Any member may resign their position in writing to the Chair and Vice Chair, or Executive Director at any time they deem necessary by giving at least a 2-week notice.
7.Members must be dedicated to increasing Ministry awareness and community outreach.
8.All Advisory Board members are held to a higher standard in character, duties, etc., and set in a position of trust which comes with responsibility to their board, ministry, and peers in overseeing Chaplain programs/teams.

D. AB Secretary- Takes the notes at the Advisory Board Meeting for creating the Monthly Minutes.
1.Assists the Chair & Vice Chair. Advisory Board Secretary may or may not be a member of the board and is held to a non-disclosure agreement of Advisory Board meeting information.
2.Secretary is an elected position by the Advisory Board.
3.Secretarial positions are made available to Chaplains by Email through the Administration Dept.
4.Secretary may work with the Chaplaincy Administration at the discretion of the Admin Director, for keeping hours, records, files delegated by the Admin Director.


Chaplaincy Advisory Board & Members Standards & Code of Conduct:
1·AB Members are set in volunteer leadership positions of authority above their fellow chaplains and are trusted to use wisdom, prayer, integrity, respect, and good character using Christian values when guiding, teaching, serving, sharing, and through decision making and reaching right and proper, positive results.
2. AB Members will honor their agreements, assignments, oaths, and responsibilities, and complete the goal for SR Chaplain training. 
3. AB Members will be on time for board meetings, events, teaching, etc.
4·AB Members will contact their AB Chair or Vice Chair for tardiness, absences, etc. More than 2 unexcused absences the member will be notified, the third absence the member shall be removed through a vote.
5·AB Members as official members must be confirmed by AB majority vote.
6·AB Members elections are held each January, candidates may be proposed for vacant seats and voted on. Candidates should never be available in the room during the election process.
7· AB Members, candidates must be based on credentials, community connections, training's, and availability.
8· AB Members Chair calls the meeting to order, presents the agenda, closes the meeting. 
The AB Vice Chair opens the meeting with prayer, 2nd the vote, and assists the Chair.
9· AB Members AB Meetings are held once a month, usually the 2nd Saturday of the month.
10· AB Members duties are to collectively come together and offer their input, ideas, expert advice, and votes to the Ministry for Christian growth while implementing spiritual guidance over the body of Chaplains.
11. AB Members are removed/suspended accordingly, after evidence is reviewed of 1-3 fractions of Code violation and a majority vote. Lesser violation can result in a written warning. Members terminated/suspended have all rights and privileges suspended, which includes Officiant licenses, NCCUSA, Social Media administration access of Ministry pages etc., rights and powers, and any other lawful intent.  
12. AB Board is subject to MOFM BOD/E.D.

12· All Ministry Members will use integrity and respect at all times, and seek to promote accuracy, honesty, and truthfulness in all of their practices and responsibilities. All Chaplains understand as ordained clergy, you are set apart, and held to a higher standard as professional clergy holding Christian values and integrity first.
13·Members Chaplaincy work and faith are one, always acting in a behavior and manner honoring to God.
      Each member should be connected to and under the authority of a christian church and Pastor.
14.Members are set to higher standards by living right lifestyles. All actions should be shining examples, raising Christ up and bringing God glory. 
      Never put yourself in a position to have a complaint brought against you. 
      Creating individual/private mentor./mentee relationships through partner programs is unacceptable.
15. Members will use integrity and respect at all times in the classroom, events, in the field, and in our daily lives.
16·Members will honor their agreements, assignments, oaths, authority, and responsibilities.
17·Members will be courteous, respectful, professional, fair, and impartial, at all times. Members should never use derogatory language or act in a derogatory or negative manner at any time.
18·Members are occupying and exercising positions of trust, and will not misrepresent themselves or use their clergy position for personal gain in any way.
19·Members will not degrade, belittle, or disrespect, nor discriminate, harass, retaliate, or intimidate other persons, based on (subject to, but not limited to) race, creed, color, politics, religion, disability, or peer compatibility.
20· Members will actively pursue relationships and fellowship with the other ministries and churches within their community and state for sharing the good news, partnerships, leadership, and as one in the body of Christ.
21· Members will contact their Admin and/or instructors for tardiness, absences, etc. in the classroom 
Members are responsible for each monthly check in and volunteer hours. Suspension after 3 missed months.
22. Members shall not use any avenue or vehicle (subject to, but not limited to) media, functions, social media i.e. facebook, twitter, instagram, myspace etc., to use/share negative, sexual, derogatory, hate, cursive speech, or sexual, provocative photos, or shares that are contrary to living a right lifestyle in Christ.  
23. Members understand they take oaths during their Ordination process that denounces sin, unrighteousness, carnal worldly desires and lifestyles, and agree to pick up the mantel of Christ and righteous living., understanding that they have responsibilities as anointed, appointed, and ordained professional clergy to act in a professional right manner at all times.
24.Member Warning/Suspension result accordingly, after evidence is reviewed of 1-3 fractions of Code violation and a majority AB vote. Lesser violation can result in a written warning. Three written warnings shall result in suspension from the ministry, revocation of licenses, inability to use Chaplaincy NV logo, which includes, business cards, clothing apparel, etc.

That the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work. Tim 3:17
Character is something that you hold fast to inside, and that people see in you on the outside. More importantly, it is something that God sees in you always.

True character is shown in how you act in any situation. Actions do speak louder than words in many circumstances. How can we shine for Jesus if we are showing the world darkness through our actions? Your own character can be your judge. Chaplaincy Servants will place God first, and allow God to guide all actions, thoughts and words, through prayer.


Mission: Our message is based on the Holy Bible; with a ministry motivated by grace, repentance, forgiveness, redemption, and love of God. We are a traditional Christian Ministry that adheres to Word of God faith and values.To provide faith-base services, ministerial care and educational services which minister to both spiritual and emotional needs of all individuals. To provide support to the community, and all local law enforcement organizations, to act as liaisons between the churches and the community, and to act in times of crisis for individuals suffering and in need.

MOFM Chaplaincy Board of Advisors:       
Is a forum of volunteer members.The Board may consist of nine (9) minimum and a maximum of eleven (11) members.

SR Chaplain Diana Reyes                 Hospitality Coordinator     Specialty Class Instructor
Diana is an ordained Chaplain and NV State Licensed Minister. She is an Academy SR Chaplain Graduate of religious studies. She is a Chaplain CPE graduate, and she has also studied with Brean Christian University working towards her degree in Bible Theology. Diana is a certified CPR instructor, and instructs on health and fasting. She serves as the Chaplains Hospitality Coordinator. Diana is a member of Chaplaincy RECAP, and she is a City of Las Vegas CERT graduate, a Chaplains member of SAR (Red Rock Search & Rescue) and a CPR/ 1st Aid Instructor. She is a member of the Human Trafficking taskforce, and she is the S NV Gang Taskforce event coordinator. Diana is an LVMPD Metro Volunteer, and LVMPD Citizens Academy graduate.
Director of Training:  SR Chaplain Michael Thrower        Email       Academy Instructor /CPT Instructor 
Michael is an ordained Chaplain, and a Licensed Minister with the State of Nevada and Clark County Ministers License to Perform Marriages. Michael serves as the Chair for the Chaplains Advisory Board elected in January 2016. He is an Academy of Religious studies graduate SR Chaplain, a graduate and instructor of CPE, and the Chaplaincy Instructional Trainer for "train the trainer". Michael teaches for the Chaplaincy Academy, on Discipleship, Apologetics, CPE-Pastoral Care, and previously taught Bible Foundation and Evangelism. .  He is a Clark County School District’s PAYBAC (Professionals and Youth Building a Commitment) program (2001-2012). 2013 Graduate from the School of Evangelism at Second Baptist Church-LV  where he has served as President of the Transportation Ministry (2006 - 2011), President of the Laymen Ministry (2007 - 2011), President of the Junior Laymen Ministry (2011 - present), and Sunday School Teacher (2010 - present). with his focus on mentoring youth, he began in 1992 as a volunteer.Michael founded Community Connect, Inc., a charitable 501(c)3 organization that focuses on mentoring at-risk youth in Las Vegas. He is a Casa Grande Prison Bible Studies Teacher. He is a Purchasing Director for the Clark County School District. Michael serves as a CCSD Police Chaplain and is the lead for the ministry partnered CCSD-PD Chaplains Police program.
AB Vice-Chair: SR Chaplain Laquieta Cooks                   Academy/ & CPE Instructor
Laquieta is an ordained Chaplain and NV State licensed Minister. She is an Academy SR Chaplain Graduate of religious studies,a CPE Graduate and CPE instructor. She is an instructor for Biblical Studies OT, World Religions, and CPE Theology. Laquieta serves a member of the Conduct Review Committee. Chaplain Laquieta has a Theology Bachelors Degree from the. Minnesota School of Theology She is a Graduate of Sonship School of The First Born through Destiny Christian Center. She is also a Destiny Christian Center, volunteer in the Servantry of Preaching, Teaching, Altar Worker & Discipleship. She is a CCDC-METRO Program Volunteer for the Juvenile Section/Unit, and a Charisma special events coordinator. Chaplain LaQuieta Cooks is the wife of an LVMPD Officer, a mother, grandmother and minister of the gospel.  
Chaplains Consultation Board
During times when the Chaplains AB board is in need of additional discussion on specific issues and advice, they turn to the Consultation board which helps remedy the situation lending professional or expert advice. Consultants may join the AB Meetings on occasion, but do not have voting power. AB Consults are not selected by vote. AB Consults are volunteer Chaplains, or others, set apart  in high high esteem and good-standing according to their expertise in a specific field or area designed to better the faith-based community at large,
SR Chaplain Tamia Dow                     Specialty Instructor           Book Project Facilitator     
Tamia is an ordained and licensed NV State Minister. She is an Academy SR Chaplain of religious studies. Tamia is an instructor for chaplains on HT and Domestic Violence. Tamia serves as a member of the Conduct Review Committee. Tamia a Member and Graduate from ICLV's Kairos School of Ministry, and serves the community as an active Minister. She is currently the Chaplain for the International Association of Women Police (IAWP) and has held that position since 2006. Tamia has over 25 years of law enforcement experience. A Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. A Veteran, she served as a Military Police officer in the USArmy. LVMPD Detective (RET) with Domestic Violence, with 22 years of service. Chaplaincy Academy Instructor on Human Trafficking. A member of the Mayors Faith Initiatives on Human Trafficking.She is a leader and sponsor with the Celebrate Recovery Ministry. 

Chaplain Todd Wellman                    Missions
Todd is the Missions Director and Missions Pastor at the Church At Lake Mead (LMCA) . He graduated from University of Nevada, Las Vegas Class of 1994 and studied and earned a BA in Business Administration. Todd is retired from Law Enforcement. Todd is also an ordained Chaplain and a State of Nevada licensed Minister. Todd is an Academy sub instructor for Basic Chaplaincy. 

Sharon Harding: LVMPD Metro Volunteer Program Manager
Sharon graduated the 1st Basic Lay Chaplains Cert class in October 2009.
MVP Chaplaincy Partnership: Sign up and become an MVP today. Website and Application 

SR ​Chaplain Jon D. Ponder      Hope Prison RE-Entry,  & Chaplaincy Academy Presentation
 Hope 4 Prisoners Leadership-Re-entry Mentors Training. Jon is a NV State Licensed Minister & Marriage Officiant. A Chaplaincy Basic Cert Training Presenter.   Hope for Prisoners Re-Entry Founder & CEO.

SR Chaplain Annette  Pflaum       Wisteria Ministry        Bereavement Counseling   
Annette is the founder and president of Wisteria Ministries, a ministry which walks with people along their journey of grief, loss and bereavement. Her ministry has gained a partnership with Chaplaincy Nevada and Presence Chaplains. Annette is the Bereavement Coordinator for Hospice’s in the Las Vegas valley. With a total of 26 years in construction along with 20 years of experience teaching, counseling, grief-loss & bereavement, experience working in Nursing Homes and Home Health, as well as owning and operating a Porte-Medical business of 4 years. She is a retired nurse with 15 years’ experience and a retired first responder with 5 years’ experience, has allowed her an insight into many different situations and scenarios. Annette also has three years of experience in preaching from the pulpit, leading prayer groups, women’s study groups and problem solving skills within a congregation of 200. An ordained SR Chaplain with Chaplaincy Nevada since 2014, and a NV State Licensed Minister. 
Annette is a Certified Methodist Lay Minister: April 24, 2016, UMC-Be A Disciple: Southwestern College, Certified Online Facilitator: November 23, 2016, BeADisciple-Southwestern College, Licensed Nurse: September 2002, currently State of Nevada Licensed. Her education includes, 
Institute for Clinical Pastoral Training (APCC): November, 2016-(3rd -CPE Unit). Current application in process as an APCC Supervisor in Training (SIT).
Board certification world-wide: Member of the COMISS Network in the category of Professional Certifying or Accrediting Organization. 
Certified On-Line Facilitator: November 23, 2016, Be A Disciple-Southwestern College
Certified Lay Servant: May 2015-March 2016
United Methodist Church, Be A Disciple-Southwestern College On-line Educational Program
Certified Methodist Lay Minister: April 24, 2016
United Methodist Church, Be A Disciple-Southwestern College On-line Educational Program
Chaplaincy Clinical Pastoral Education-Graduate: December 12, 2015
Bachelors of Science: Psychology: Family Studies: December, 1997, Western Baptist College (Corban College), Salem, Oregon, 
Associate in Applied Science: Paramedic (EMT) Technology: July, 2003, Bismarck State College, Bismarck, ND
Diploma of Occupational Proficiency: Practical Nursing: July, 2002 Central Lakes College, Brainerd, MN
Associate of Applied Science: Educational Aide: Handicapped Learner: March, 1988 Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

Chaplain Jennie Ives-Votaw NLV-PD Email GREAT Program Trainer & Consultant:   
Ordained. Jennie is a member of Canyon Ridge Church. Jennie has provided Invocations, Prayers, Bible Studies and Sermons through Worship services. Recently retired from NLVPD, she is still currently active in law enforcement. A Gang Resistance Education & Training instructor, retired Crime Prevention Specialist, D.A.R.E Instructor, and current G.R.E.A.T trainer, and National Training Team Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), National Conferences for the DARE, GREAT and Explorer program. L.A. Sheriffs dept. Deputy Sheriff, deputy patrol custody division court services, RET. The G.R.E.A.T. program is a Life Skills training that is geared to provide students with the skills they need to avoid gang pressure and youth violence. Jennie is a Nevada State Minister Licensed to Perform Marriages.

SR Chaplain Marshaun A.R. Winston         Chaplains Corner Team Lead   
Marshaun is an ordained Chaplain and NV State licensed Minister. He serves as the Chaplains Corner team founder and lead. Marshaun is the Chaplaincy co-lead for RECAP and assists on the Events funding team. He is a SR Chaplain Academy Graduate of religious studies. An Air Force Vet heattends chapel member of the Nellis Air Force Main Post Chapel. Marshaun is an active Chaplain whose duties include the Karen J. Wagner VFW Post 12119, and he has assisted in veteran funerals with prayer. Marshaun is an active participant in providing Worship services Invocations and Benedictions for religious services and events. His other community volunteer services and membership include the LVMPD MVP program, and he is a Legacy member Alumni Association for the Citizens Police Academy, and SN Gang Taskforce. Marshaun is an active member and fundraising chair with S. NV. Community Gang Task Force.  

Chaplain Maria Bruce             Chaplaincy Uniform Apparel & Design
Maria is an ordained chaplain and NV State licensed Minister. Maria has over 25 years in fashion, apparel,manufacturing, and consultant. 
Maria is the Chaplains Uniform, and logo patch(s) designer, and special event Tshirt printing and production. She has been an instructor for UNLV Fashion program since 2005, and a NV State vendor since 2015.

SR Chaplain Dorla Stewart             Prayer Ministry
Dorla is an ordained Chaplain and NV State licensed Minister. She is the Chaplaincy Prayer team lead and consultant, scheduling monthly prayer telephone conferences, and an in-house prayer vigil ministry. She is a Chaplain partnered LVMPD METRO volunteer, and the RRSAR volunteer.  Dorla is an Asst. on the Chaplains Worship ministry; which has included services for the LVRM, CC Juvenile Detention, and Westcare.  She is an asst. Academy instructor substitute for Biblical Studies. A member of The Champion Center of Las Vegas, serving on the Leadership Team, Prayer Ministry, and the Usher Ministry.She previously served as the Church School Superintendent for New Dawn Missionary Baptist Church, Hyattsville Md., and Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, Ft. Myers Florida. While sitting under the Leadership teaching of Dr. David L. Worthy, Bread of Life Ministries, Charlotte, NC. she was taught how to apply the principles of purposeful prayer, 
Advisory Board Chair: SR Chaplain Bryan Ostaszewski -    Specialty Class Instructor/ CPT Instructor
Chaplain Bryan is a Christian Interfaith Chaplain. He serves as a member of the Nevada Chaplains Corp USA. Chaplain Bryan is also the founder/CEO of THE T.U.F.F SERVICES MINISTRIES™ a Certified Pastoral Counseling Service which offers a Religious and Nonreligious Pastoral Coaching, Counseling and Relief Services. Chaplain Bryan is a member and a co-Lead for the Nevada State Chaplains Task-Force-Crisis Response Unit. He is NV State licensed Minister, and Marriage Officiant. He is the Chaplaincy lead for the No One Dies Alone at Sunrise Hospital. He is the lead for Chaplaincy with the Fire Dept.
Conduct Review Committee

The mission of the Conduct Review Committee  is to receive, review and evaluate information on Chaplain discrepancy's- peer to peer-  via testimony and documentation submitted, and to make a final settlement on any instance brought before them, thus  finding a positive resolution for all ..
Chaplains valid discrepancy's peer-to-peer should only be submitted to this Committee
Chaplains are members of Clergy, although we understand disagreements and discrepancy's do arise, Chaplains are held to a higher standard as persons of faith, people of God, and followers of Christ. Chaplains at all times must show themselves approved by studying and following the Word of God, not self.
Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15   
CR Committee is made up of 4 SR Chaplains- 3 Voting Members & 1 Alternate
       Barry Mainardi                                  Tamia Dow                                   Laquieta Cooks                                Diana Reyes
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Chaplain Ryan Creelman                          Academy-Basic Presenter    
Ryan also known as "The Chap" is the Director of the Spiritual Care dept. of Westcare, which offers services across the continuum of health and human services. Ryan is an ordained Chaplain and NV State Minister licensed to perform marriages. He also studied chaplaincy at St James University, Class of 2016. Chaplain Ryan is a lay Pastor and Teacher with Canyon Ridge Christian Church since 2002, and is Commissioned, Biblical Counseling, Pastor On-Call, Home Deliverance Pastor, Celebrate Recovery Leader, Prayer Team, and serves and provides through the sacraments in Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms. Ryan is a Nathan Adelson Hospice Chaplain, since 2013.   A CPE graduate 2015. CSN Class of 2011, Abnormal & Clinical Psychology, Addiction Counseling.
​SR Chaplain Anthony Williams                      Academy Instructor
Anthony is an ordained Chaplain, since 2013, and received his Sr Chaplain status when graduated from Chaplaincy NV Academy of religious studies in 2015. He serves as Pastor and was elected Pastor of St. Mark Ministries in May 2009 while receiving his Pastoral Ordination in July 2009. Chaplain Anthony was consecrated as a Bishop in August of 2014. He became a HOPE Chaplain serving at Valley Hospital in August 2012 and also became hospice chaplain August 2012. He began his adult ministry in January 1982 as a choir director, junior deacon, deacon, minister of music, Sunday school assistant and church administrator. He serves chaplains training with each new Basic by instructing on Ministry. He is an Air force Veteran, and is a CCSD PD Chaplain recruit.
About/ Staff/ Advisory Board
Chaplaincy Endorsing Body of Certified Professional Members

Chaplaincy Nevada training is biblically based; which emphasizes Christ as the central figure and paradigm for all Christianity. Chaplains Certification and Academy studies and materials are endorsed after satisfying its specific education and training objectives outlined by the authority of Messages of Faith Ministry,and  E.D. and governing Chaplains body,of religious trainers..Chaplain Academy Body of Members must be Professionals in Education, Training, Discipleship, Pastors, Assoc. Pastors, Elders, Sr. Chaplains, Licensed Psych./Counseling. 

Endorsing Body:

Academy Director of Training: SR Chaplain Michael Thrower: Academy Lead Training Instructor 
Michael is an ordained Chaplain, and a Licensed Minister with the State of Nevada.. Michael serves as the Chair for the Chaplains Advisory Board elected in January 2016. He is an Academy of Religious studies graduate SR Chaplain, a graduate and instructor of CPE, and the Chaplaincy Instructional Trainer for "train the trainer". Michael teaches for the Chaplaincy Academy, on Discipleship, Apologetic's, Apprenticeship, CPE-Pastoral Care, and previously taught Bible Foundation and Evangelism. He is a Clark County School District’s PAYBAC (Professionals and Youth Building a Commitment) program (2001-2012). 2013 Graduate from the School of Evangelism at Second Baptist Church-LV where he has served as President of the Transportation Ministry (2006 - 2011), President of the Laymen Ministry (2007 - 2011), President of the Junior Laymen Ministry (2011 - present), and Sunday School Teacher (2010 - present). with his focus on mentoring youth, he began in 1992 as a volunteer.Michael founded Community Connect, Inc., a charitable 501(c)3 organization that focuses on mentoring at-risk youth in Las Vegas. He is a Casa Grande Prison Bible Studies Teacher. He is a Purchasing Director for the Clark County School District. Michael serves as a CCSD Police Chaplain and is the lead for the ministry partnered CCSDPD Chaplains Police program.

SR Chaplain: Chair Victorya Campe. MOFM Founder & Chaplaincy Executive Director  
Victorya has worked in education and training since 1995, programs so-sponsored with CCSN Continuing Education and from 97 with UNLV division of EO. She worked with CCSN Customized training on Welfare to Work co sponsored program from 96-97. She developed and created a co-sponsored professional programs education and training with NAFD, UNLV, & CCSN since 1995, and currently continues developing training Syllabus' , proposals, objectives, materials, catalog descriptions, etc..She created and developed the Chaplaincy Nevada training and education academy with outlines, objectives, materials, etc. as well as with AB team effort and instructors, from 2007-current. She is a Christian published author.

SR Chaplain: Barry Mainardi: Chaplaincy Administrative Director
Barry is the Chaplaincy Director of Administration and was the Academy of Chaplaincy 1st graduate to earn his Sr Chaplain title. He spent 2 years in Chaplains Academy Graduate in religious studies 2013. Barry has a minor in Theology and Philosophy from the University of Dayton. Chaplain Barry works one on one with all Chaplains through his senior administration duties, keeping all files confidential, maintaining Chaplains training and volunteer work transcripts. Among his other duties he is the Chaplains Advisory Board Chair, and performs tasks of maintaining classroom activity and registrants.

Pastor / Sr. Chaplain: James "Jim" Tucker. Academy Instructor & Fellowship Pastor.
Pastor Jim has been a Pastor for over 25 years, working as a Pastor with church congregations, he was formerly an LVMPD Chaplain to police officers, Church Missions Asst. Pastor, he has worked and trained with juveniles in Youth Boot Camps, he is a lead Chaplain Training Instructor, etc. Read more about Chaplain Jim on the Fellowship Page.