​Director of Administration 1:   BCChaplain Barry Mainardi

Director of Administration 2:   BCChaplain Della Frank

Admin Asst.:  BCChaplain  Mary Ballinger

2024 Monthly: May: 9,498 hrs.     2024-YTD: 67,081 hrs.      2009-2024 Inception-Current: 1,463,462 hrs.

Chaplain 2014 Recognition of 100,000 Volunteer Hours and Service
We congratulate and commend all the volunteers Chaplains for all of their dedication and hard work with reaching and exceeding their milestone 
of 100,000 hrs on April 26th 2014. Chaplaincy was privileged and honored to be recognized with proclamations from the 
City of LV Mayors Office, NV State Governors Office,  The Clark County Commissioners, and the Office of the White House, Washington DC.. 

Chaplains Credited Volunteer Hours:
A. Chaplaincy is a Christian Outreach Ministry.
B. Outreach includes volunteer hrs. of Ministry in classroom training, and Ministry volunteer "in-field" work as a Chaplain.
C. Chaplains must have a minimum of 8 volunteer hrs. of church, community, and/or trainings per month for reporting.
D. Reporting hours are required each month from each Chaplain. 
E. Each Chaplain is assigned their own Admin Team Member.
F. Chaplains wishing to receive credit for ministry, church, business/agency work, must receive approval and permission from the locations of either Pastors, church, or organizations their work is associated with.  Chaplains may conduct themselves as a Chaplain within these venues under the permission of said organizations for credited hours within Chaplaincy Nevada to take effect.
​G. No employed/paid hours shall be accepted towards volunteer hours.
BC Chaplain Barry Administrative Director
Chaplain Volunteers-Credited Hours-Transcripts

All Rights Reserved
Chaplain Barry and his staff keep the running totals of monthly, and year-to-date hours, percentages, and transcripts, etc. through the admin dept. for all Chaplains. 
Chaplain Barry is also known as " Chaplain BAM" is known for keeping Administration running for the whole of Chaplaincy along with the hard-working Administration dept. Staff.
Administration Dept. Founded by: BCChaplain Barry

Chaplain Team Members: 
Larry, Joann, Mary, Bart, Lori, Della, Anita,
Marrie, Joanna, Monica, Della, Mary, Pamela,

A: Know who your Team Member is.
B. Stay in touch with your Team Member
C. Report your monthly hours to your Team Member.
D. Need answers? Email your Team Member.
Reporting Hours: All New Google Format Starting August 2024.

1. Chaplaincy Administration operates through the information data collected that impacts the growth and sustainability of the Ministry, person, community, and partnerships.
2. Hours of Chaplain information is compiled for both in-field and classroom training and analyzed within specific contexts that makes for key decision making within the ministry for training, and assisting the community and the partnerships it serves.
3. The data can be used to demonstrate the incredible impact the Ministry has generated in assistance and for providing servantry in many arenas.
4. Tracking hours helps to not only grow the ministry but reflects each Chaplains spiritual and physical growth which then is reflected in each individuals' transcript of hours collected.
5. Transcripts of hours can be used for gaining alternate volunteer positions in other organizations, education, ministries, and churches, and sometimes leads to paid positions for clergy.
6. Transcripts tell the ministry that chaplains are at work in the community and having discipleship relationships in the classroom while gaining and enhancing their spiritual learning experience. Transcripts are used for the confirmation for all graduations.
7.​ At No time is Chaplain data used for pursuing or gaining any grants, sponsorships, etc., as the Ministry does not apply for grants. Nor are hours ever traded, sold, or given away. Transcripts are confidential.

Admin Team checking-in Chaplains for the Annual Mandatory Prayer and Check-in 2023.