Chaplaincy Nevada Hispanic Dept.

OPEN: Apply Chaplaincy:  Hispanic Dept. Applications Only.
Each question must be answered. Scroll to the bottom of the page and date and type your name.

Assistant Chaplain Leads: 
Anita Garcia-Salinas   Is an asst. lead and instructor.
Monica Manig   Is an assistant lead and instructor.

The Hispanic Chaplaincy Nevada dept. was established in April 2021, and developed and conducted by Chaplain Hilda and her assistants, moving it into a successful and vital part of the faith-based community, volunteering and assisting with faith based peers and individuals, law enforcement and community partnerships.

To become a Chaplain in the Hispanic division you must.
1. Be a resident of Nevada
2. Have a NV State ID
3. A Government issued SS #, or ITIN #, or EIN #.
4. Complete a training application
5. Complete all Basic Cert training.
6. Ordination: You must complete all training.
7. Application: Available 2 times per year

Hispanic Director: 
Pastor/Chaplain Hilda Espades

Chaplain Hilda is the Pastor of the church 
M.I.E.S. Ministerio Internacional Evangelistico Siquem 
located on W. Charleston in Las Vegas. 
She is a member of the Chaplains Advisory Board.