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Chaplains EDU Academy Training:
For all Academy Educational Information, Transcripts, Classes, Registration, Instructors, LOC's.

Chaplains EDU On-Line Training:
For all Academy Online Educational Information, Online Class(s), Registration, Assignments, Online LOC's.

Administration Dept.-Chaplains Volunteer Hours 
Please send all Volunteer hours and Questions for Administration here

Chaplain Functions and Fundraising
Special events, Functions, Fundraiser Information and Donations

Chaplain Uniform Polo's: 
On-line Orders: Must have your Chaplains ID# or Members# for ordering

Chaplain NCCUSA Member:
Nevada Chaplains Corp USA Membership Package

Chaplains Prayer Dept.:
Please contact prayer dept. for prayer or to join the prayer team

Chaplains Conduct Review Board:
Receive's, reviews and evaluates information/complaints on Chaplain discrepancy's- peer to peer.

Chaplain Advisory Board/Consult/Staff  
Chaplain Advisory Board Bios

MOFM E.D.  Chaplain Victorya:

Administration Director: Chaplain Barry:

AB Training Director: Chaplain Michael:

Advisory Board Chair: Chaplain Sally:

Advisory Board Vice Chair: Chaplain Bryan O:

Advisory Board: Chaplain Debbie:

Advisory Board: Chaplain Diana:

Advisory Board: Chaplain Tamia: 

Advisory Board: Chaplain Ryan:

Advisory Board: Chaplain Laquieta:

Advisory Board: Chaplain Anthony:

​AB Consult: Chaplain Todd: