Chaplains -Blue Ribbon Panel

· Southern Nevada Community Gang Taskforce Recognizing, Voted, and Approved January 2011.:
· The MOFM Chaplains Advisory Board & Program, a Faith-based Organization of Community Leadership, a Blue Ribbon Panel.

Messages of Faith Ministry
· The Chaplains Advisory Board symbolizes a high quality of faith-based professionals.
  *Service to The Community, education, prevention, intervention, and spiritual faith.
  *Development of Specialized Training, assisting in the education, prevention & intervention of youth & adults. 
  *Crisis Communicators.
  *Service as Spiritual guides in the community through advocacy, mentorship, faith, & interfaith

   The Chaplains division exceeds many of its competitors through;
  *Education and training: Basic Chaplaincy Certification 
  *Graduates Continued Training; *LVMPD CIT-Crisis Intervention Training, 
  *Leadership & Resiliency Certification, 
  *Chaplains Apprenticeship Workshop- Sermons, Bible Studies, and Prayer Warriors.

 ·Community Service: The Chaplains program works directly with the Community, and in support of Law Enforcement; which includes,
  *Community Gang Taskforce – Ceasefire and Operation Blessing
  *Metro Volunteer Program
  *Church/ Faith-based Liaisons & Outreach
  *Community/Special Events 
  *Crisis On Call
  *On Location Services (in the field)

· The Chaplains: 
  *Will continue to develop their model, and address faith and community issues.
  *To develop, assist, and partner with continued education and training programs.
  *To continue its meetings and reports/stats addressing faith-based and community  issues.
  *To bridge relationships with government, law enforcement, faith-based, and the community.
State of Nevada Certificate of Recognition
Signed by Governor Sandoval  to
Messages of Faith Ministry 
Chaplains Faithbased Blue Ribbon Panel 

Emergency: 911
Clark County Office of Juvenile Justice Services: 455-5200
LVMPD Chaplain Program: 702-828-3357
SN. Community Gang Taskforce: 702-401-7149
NLVPD GREAT, Community Services: 702 633-1817
Prevention Section, Gang Crimes Bureau Desk: 702-828-2724
UNLV Departments of Internal Medicine and Psychiatry: 702-895-3935
LVMPD CIT: 702-898-1976
LVMPD; 702-828-0220
Metro Volunteer Programs: 702-828-5609
NAMI (Nevada Alliance Mentally Ill) 702 310-5764  
Fire / Police / Ambulance: 911
Poison Control: 702-732-4989 
Rape Crisis Center Hot Line: 702- 366-1640 
Mental Health Crisis Unit: 702- 486-8020 
Gamblers Anonymous 702- 385-7732 
Alcoholics Anonymous: 702-598-1888 
Domestic Crisis Shelter: 702- 646-4981 
Juvenile Court Services Abuse and Neglect Hot Line 702-399-0081 
Youth Runaway Shelter: 702-385-3330 
American Red Cross: 702- 248-2770 
Alzheimer’s Association Southern Nevada Chapter: 702-248-2770 
American Heart Association: 702-248-2770 
American Cancer Society: 702- 798-6877 
United Way: 702-455-4291 
Senior Protective Services: 702- 455-4291 
Clark County Social Services702- 455-4270 
HELP of Southern Nevada: 702-369-4357 
West Care Foundation 702- 385-2090
UMC Hospital: 702- 383-2000 
Sunrise Hospital: 702-731-8000
SN. Adult Mental Health Hospital: 702-486-6000
Montevista Hospital: 702-364-1111
Salvation Army NLV: 702-651-9550
Catholic Charities: 702-385-3351
Blind Center Southern Nevada: 702-642-6000

Treatment Services:
Child and Teen
Associated Bilingual Counselors 598-2020
Boys and Girls Town 1-800-448-3000
Children’s Behavioral Services 486-6100
Parenting Solutions 455-5295
Parenting Resources (PEP) 388-8899
Montevista Hospital 364-1111
Westcare 385-2020
West Neighborhood Family Center 486-6100
Spring Mountain Treatment Center 873-2400

Community Treatment Center (CTC) 383-4044
Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health 486-6000
SNAMH Crisis Intervention Emergency 486-8020
Montevista Hospital 364-1111
Mojave Mental Health 968-4000
Veterans Affair Alcohol Treatment 636-3000
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill 1-800-950-6264
Rawson-Neal Hospital 486-4400
Spring Mountain Treatment Center 873-2400

Alzheimer Association 248-2770
Senior Mental Health Outreach 486-5730
Senior Advocate Resources 455-7051
Senior Protective Service 455-8672
Division of Aging Services 486-3545

Suicide Prevention
Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255
Surviving Suicide Loss 486-8225

Metro Volunteer Program   702-828-5609
Become a Metro Volunteer Today!

SN Community Gang Task Force: 

TIP, Trauma Intervention Program 
TIP Training Available for Crisis Reponders

HOPE for Prisoners: John Ponder
Prison Re-Entry Mentor Training Available: CEO: Jon Ponder 

Las Vegas Rescue Mission: 702-382-1766 

PACT Coalition:

Foundation for Recovery

Nathan Adelson Hospice 
Nora Luna, M.Ed., Hispanic/Latino Program Manager Office: 702. 938.3918  

Community Partners & Resources