Academy Clinical Pastoral Training: CPT  
Clergy Training: A Professional Pastoral & Clinical Counseling/Coaching Program

CPT Non Accredited- Certificate of Completion: 200 Total Hrs  (In-house credits):  No Fee Required
Certificate of Completion offered by MOFM

CPE Accredited Certification /Unit: 300 Total Hours: Fee Required-Volunteer for those applying for their
Board Certification.

- Classroom hours will include the MOFM/Chaplaincy Nevada study materials, lectures and group activities plus an additional 15-30 minutes group time after each class withCPE Supervisor Benjamin for case study reviews and instruction/ training on items specific to accreditation requirements.

- Clinical hours include hospitals, hospices, clinical facilities, prisons/jails, law enforcement partnerships, church ministries and other approved mentorship / ministry programs. (CPE only)

Administration Dept: Transcripts- SR Chaplain Barry 702-523-3052    
​Academy Dept. Transcripts: SR Chaplain Michael and SR Chaplain Laquieta

CPT Clergy Training: Interval I:  4 Sessions    (Must Complete for SR Graduates)
CPT Graduation:  Saturday December 7th 2PM-  (Must Complete 4 Intervals 16 Sessions)

Download and Print Your Chaplain CPT Class Log Sheet

*Chaplains who miss a session must complete a 200 Word Essay on the topic as per their materials and/or Power Point PDF.
*Completion of any Pop Quizz given per session. 
*One or both must be completed and submitted within a 2 week period, unless an extended period was granted.
*You may only miss 2 out of 16 sessions with make-up to graduate.
*Please contact your Instructor by Email for absentee and make-up assignments.
* Please CC your email to the Academy Director Dept. 

CPT: In-House Specialized Training Syllabus –4-Intervals

1. August: Sunday Only: 
Time: 1:30PM-5:30PM
CPT – Part 1 = 4 Sessions: 16 hrs
Clergy Training: Science: Study of Mind & Behavior
Syllabus Topics
--Psychology, Science & Faith: SR Chaplain Annette
– Mental Health: SR Chaplain Annette 
– Addiction: Chaplain Tray 
–Pastoral Christian Coaching/CPE: Chaplain Benjamin 

2. September: Sat & Sun 
CPT – Part 2 = 4 Sessions: 16 hrs
Days: Sat & Sun  
Time: 1:30PM-5:30PM
Syllabus Topics
1 Rehabilitation Counseling: SR Chaplain Karen A.
2 Spiritual & Secular Counseling: SR Chaplain Karen A. 
3 Spiritual Care/Clinical Chaplaincy: SR Chaplain 
3 End of Life/Grief: SR Chaplain Annette 
3. Sept/October:
Days: Sat & Sun Time: 1:30PM-5:30PM
CPT-Part 3= 4 Sessions: 16 Hours
Instructor: Chaplain Laquieta Cooks
Theology & Ministry: 
Syllabus Topics
 – Foundation of Theology and Ministry
 – The Bible, Christianity
 – Christian Roles & Major Religions 
– Studies & Concepts of Religion

Days: Sat & Sun Time: 1:30PM-5:30PM
CPT- Part 4 = 4 Sessions: 16 Hours 
Instructor SR Chaplain Michael Thrower
Pastoral Care
Syllabus Topics
 – Ministry of Presence, Church/Body of Christ
– Hospitals & Hospice, Policies & Procedures
 – Clinical Outreach & Services, Case Study.
 – Pastoral Care, Traditions, Sacraments

CPT: Completion: Graduation- December 2PM

Earn Your CPE Units for Board Certified Chaplain

APCC Inc - CPE Authorized Area Trainer
 Chaplain Benjamin Tice- Presence Chaplains

 -Benjamin is a Nevada State licensed and ordained minister, and also received a chaplaincy ordination through MOFM. 
- Benjamin became a full time hospice chaplain 4 years ago after serving as a bi-vocational minister for over 20 years. Through Presence Chaplains, he continues to work with, advise and supervise chaplains in hospices and hospitals in Las Vegas. Presence Chaplains is one of the ministries of Empowered Presence Network, a 501c3 he founded with his wife Janice, who is also a chaplain.  
- Benjamin is a Board Certified Chaplain, BCC, through APCC's the Association of Certified Christian Chaplains (ACCC). 
- He supervises CPE units on-site and online through APCC's educational arm, the Institute for Clinical Pastoral Training in national standards plus practical aspects of walking in and imparting God's love and Presence.
-Conducts Chaplaincy On-going Classroom Didactic Sessions (clinical case study meetings)
- Each CPE unit is accredited by APCC. Once you complete 4 CPE units, you may apply through APCC for one of the following designations:
1. Board Certified Chaplain/Pastoral Counselor (BCC/BCPC)
The Chaplain is employed in outside industry such as medical care, prisons, commerce, military, etc. They serve the employees and/or patients of these organizations. The Pastoral Counselor is a professional that is primarily a Congregational Pastor in the local church.
2. Board Certified Associate Chaplain/Pastoral Counselor (BCAC/BCAPC)
The Associate category is for those seeking professional chaplaincy or pastoral counseling but do not yet meet the educational requirements for that status. For example, an ordained minister has not yet completed four (4) units of CPE or an applicant has not yet attained their Master's Degree (or equivalent). Once an associate completes the requirements they are automatically granted full board certification.

Other In-House Credit/Hours utilized towards CPE Units include:

CPT-Inclusion Addition Training Hours:
Part 1. (2-Intervals =7-Sessions

1. Basic
April: - 
Days: Saturdays-(2) Time: 10 AM-4:PM 
Sunday-(2) Time: 1:00-7:00PM
CPE  = 4 Chaplain Sessions: 24 hrs
Instructor: SR Chaplain James Tucker
SR Chaplain James Tucker has been an ordained Pastor for approx 25 yrs. He has worked in the capacity of an Associate Pastor, and a Senior Pastor in the Christian faith. He has served LVMPD as a PEAP (Police) Chaplain. He has worked with prisoners and youth in boot camp programs. Chaplain Jim has also worked in Missions outreach. A Senior Chaplain and training instructor on Chaplaincy and Chaplains Ordination.

Ministry-Pastoral Care
-A Minister 
-Continued Education
-Church Liaisons
-Outreach Providers
-Prayer Warriors
The Role of Chaplaincy & Chaplains
-What is Chaplaincy?
-Who is a Chaplain?
Chaplain Roles
-Emergency Roles
-Non-Emergency Chaplains.
-Ministering in a Work Facility
The Basics of Counseling
-Chaplaincys’ Personal Ministry
-Guidelines for personal health

2. Community Outreach/Resource Training
-Crisis Intervention Training (CIT): LVMPD
-PACT Coalition for Safe & Drug-Free Com.
-TIP Trauma Intervention Program
- LVRM: Mentor/Leader Skills  
- HOPE Hospitals
-RRSAR: Search & Rescue
-DETR: Disabilities/Business 

- Social Skills/Community Outreach Service
-LVMPD: Sexual Assault Trauma
-Gang Resistance Training
-1st Aid:
-Corporate Prayer
-HOPE for Prisoners- Re-Entry Mentor/Leadership 
-Human/Sex Trafficking 
-RECAP- (Reclaiming Peace)

-Interfaith: Importance & Practices
-World Religions
-The Trinity
-Goals, Objectives

ICPT_Institute Clinical Pastoral Education  
The Association of Professional Conservative Chaplains, Inc. A Christian based Certifying and Accrediting Institution
- Mission: The Association of Professional Conservative Chaplains (APCC, Inc.) is dedicated to providing the highest standards for chaplaincy training, standards of care, and board certification world-wide. We are a global community of inspired individuals caring for and about others, thereby bringing the gift of active compassion and kindness to the world.
- The Association of Professional Conservative Chaplains is a Christian based chaplaincy community. Their training focuses on working with all faiths but never negates from their theological beliefs or moral integrities. The concept is to create both an awareness and collaboration for conservative Christian ministers and chaplains who are serving in the vocations to which God has called them. Striving to be leaders in the research, education, and the practice of pastoral care within health care, prison ministry, business, military, seminaries, and bible colleges. APCC also provides professional chaplaincy services, one of the most cost–effective resources to increase patient/client, family, and staff satisfaction in international health care, hospice, correction, and business facilities.
- Obtaining CPE units or board certification through APCC does not guarantee a vocational chaplaincy position. CPE and board certification are simply requirements for most institutions. Each institution sets its own requirements and applicants must meet those requirements in order be considered for a position.
- The Association of Professional Conservative Chaplains is a member of the COMISS Network in the category of Professional Certifying or Accrediting Organizations.

SR Chaplain Michael : Academy Director
School of Evangelism Graduate 2013- Second Baptist Church Evangelism School. President of the Transportation Ministry (2006 - 2011). Ministry Sunday School Teacher 2010-Current. Ministry Pastoral Asst & Instructor. 2013-current MOFM. Chaplaincy Academy SR Graduate 2014. Bachelor of Business Administration degree at the University of Hawaii (Hilo) in 1989. Chaplain Micheal is the founder of Community Connect and is the Executor Director of NV Chapter of Adopt A Cop.

SR Chaplain Laquieta : Academy Asst. Director
Theology Bachelors Degree. Minnesota School of Theology  Graduate of Sonship School of The First Born through Destiny Christian Center Destiny Christian Center, Servantry of Preaching, Teaching, Altar Worker & Discipleship. Ordained Chaplain. Chaplain Laquieta co-Pastors her Las Vegas Church.

​SR Chaplain Ryan 
Corporate Chaplain and Spiritual Director at WestCare Nevada. Spiritual Director for Veterans Village. CSN Class of 2011, Abnormal & Clinical Psychology, Addiction Counseling.
Chaplaincy at St James University, Class of 2016. Lay Pastor and Teacher with Canyon Ridge Christian Church from 2002-2016. Boulder City PD Chaplain. CPE Student/Trainee.

​SR Chaplain Annette
 Bachelors of Science: Psychology: Family Studies: December, 1997, Western Baptist College (Corban College), Salem, Oregon, Associate in Applied Science: Paramedic (EMT) Technology: July, 2003, Bismarck State College, Diploma of Occupational Proficiency: Practical Nursing: July, 2002 Central Lakes College, Brainerd, MN Associate of Applied Science: Educational Aide. 20 years of experience teaching, counseling, grief-loss & bereavement.

SR Chaplain Karen
MS Degree in Community Psychology. She Studied Psychology/Community Counseling/Soc/Buisness Admin at Troy University.She is  a Family Services Specialist II at Clark County Department of Family Services. Karen is an instructor for Academy and Minister/Preacher for the Womens group at Westcare.

Chaplain Tray
Tray is an associate Pastor and Pastor who oversees his church  Celebrate Recovery. He studied, and is a graduate Classof 2016 Lincoln Christian University MA, and Class of 2006 Psychology at UNLV. He is a US Navy Veteran.

Chaplain Benjamin
​Benjamin is the Founder and Executive Director of  Presence Chaplaincy. A graduate of  the University of North Texas. a Board Certified Chaplain, BCC, through APCC's the Association of Certified Christian Chaplains (ACCC). . Board Certified Associate Chaplain/Pastoral Counselor (BCAC/BCAPC). 

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CPT Chaplain Training Team
 CPE is a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education; which satisfies the requirement for a practicum, internship, or field study.
·Clinical: based on medical treatment or observation
·Pastoral: of clergy: relating to Christian ministers or priests or their duties
·Practicum: work experience as part of study
·Internship: temporary and supervised position where on-the-job training is learned

One “unit” of CPE consists of 100 or more hours of clinical time where chaplain interns train, and visit with patients or area of outreach, plus 100 hours of classroom and individual education. It’s a mix of one-on-one supervision, group process work, instruction, and writing.

What value does CPE bring to any ministry?
Clinical Pastoral Education provides the opportunity for anyone in ministry to grow as a person and develop as a professional.

To earn Clinical Pastoral Education units, students must have clinical experience out in the field.  
·Students will be responsible for their own hours of service in a professional ministry setting if you desire credit. Credit can include serving as a chaplain, a pastor, a religious minister, counselor, social worker, healthcare professional, or outreach provider.
·Learn essentials of Comparative World Religions from a wide variety of different faith backgrounds.
·Gain skills needed to assist people belonging to various religions and engaging in spiritual practices.

The Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is designed to help clergy and laypersons develop skills in pastoral and spiritual care of individuals and families. 
CPE can be an integral part of preparing for: 
·professional Chaplaincy
·pastoral care in parish ministry
·pastoral education
·crisis counseling
·pastoral care competencies
·end of life care
·systems and multi-systems
·cultural/religious diversity
·spiritual assessments

Types of CPE internships can include
·Pastoral or church / synagogue Chaplaincy
·Hospital Chaplaincy
·Hospice or Palliative Care Chaplaincy
·Corrections- Chaplaincy
·Police - Fire - First Responder
·Civic Organizations
·Private Chaplain with your own office and healing practice
·Animal ministry, working also with the owners of beloved pets

​Some of the benefits of getting your CPE through APCC LV Area Trainer:
-earning seminary or college credit, or a religious denomination’s prerequisite for ordination through a program that is U.S. Department of Education accredited;
-professional continuing education requirements;
-clinical pastoral education requirements for certification as a professional chaplain, a pastoral counselor, a clinically trained minister, or a CPE supervisor;
-to help laypersons clarify vocational interests and calling regarding ministry;
-to strengthen and improve on awareness and skills in providing spiritual care;
-to gain a better sense of personal and pastoral identity;
-to provide graduates the opportunity to earn supplemental income working as a staff chaplain, pool or contract chaplain with local organizations such as hospitals, hospices, and prisons.

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