Academy of Religious Studies On-line Sessions

Fostering Excellence, in the study of Christian principles and Chaplaincy. An Entry Level In-house Academy of Chaplains Specialized Education and Training.
Sanctioned curriculum, and a unique format that allows the Chaplain to advance to an intermediate level of special training. Instructors: Trained & Professional.
​Academy Tuition: No Cost. The Graduate Chaplain Academy provides students their materials, text, handouts, syllabus' as downloads for individual printing. All instruction and instructors are professionals, who are working the "Community for Christ".
It is our our purpose to "Build an Army of Chaplains", by, feeding his sheep.
Non-Accreditation -Academy Classes will be counted towards Accreditation if used through the Chaplains CPT Program 
This is a Non-Accredited Academy. It operates at a worthy level of performance, and offers valid programs, which meets the acceptable standards of Religious Studies. Class Accreditation acquired only through CPE Program,
Apologetics Online - Student Exercise - Video Sample(s)Online Dept. & Staff
Administration Dept. SR Chaplain Barry: Administrative Director  EMAIL    (Transcripts/Hours/Classes)
On-Line Academy Asst. SR Chaplain Dorla: EMAIL
Assignment Document/Video Upload to:

Grades are Pass or Fail: Contact Us to see which classes are available for on-line credit.

Academy Welcome: SR Chaplain Victorya, Executive Director-

The On-Line Chaplaincy  Academy  Studies-       Enhance your Chaplain training and status

The Chaplains Academy Online Course is strictly for the working Chaplain that cannot attend the regular in-house classroom training. Chaplains must be able to verify their employment status when registering for the on-line class studies. Verification is met through the Chaplain supplying their Employment Agency name along with their work schedule dates and hours that would conflict with the classroom dates and hours in which are being applied for..
For On-line class completion there are additional steps and assignments that will need to be met to earn your in-house credit.
- Textbook Topic Assignments (in place of classroom studies/ labs) per chapter: Video  & Written
- 200 word Summary per Power Point Topic
- Written Quiz
- Email Class check-in
All assignments will need to be scanned and uploaded for review.
Completion LOC will be emailed. Your on-line class completion will be added to your Transcripts by the Administration dept. 

- Through-out the year a variety of classes are scheduled in religious studies to help enrich and provide growth in the Chaplains for training and discipleship experience. 
As each new class begins a Registration Email is sent to all Chaplains, this email will also include the Chaplains on-line registration.
- Only registered MOFM Chaplains will receive their Syllabus, and Materials via email for in-house and on-line classes.
Chaplains are on a trust basis and should not share the NV Chaplaincy Training materials with anyone who is not registered for classes being taught.

Academy Class Chaplain Student Video Samples

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