Administration Dept.
Volunteers-Credited Hours/ Partner Programs

​Director of Administration: SR Chaplain Barry Mainardi
The brains, and man behind the desk; which keeps it all running for Chaplaincy is the hard-working Administration dept.staff and Administration Director, SR Chaplain Barry, also known as Chaplain BAM.
Admin Asst: Sr Chaplain Chris Stoltzfus

SR Chaplain Barry and his staff keep the running totals of monthly, and year-to-date hours, percentages, and transcripts, etc. through the admin dept. for all Chaplains.

2018-Monthly: January - 10,719.00 hrs
2018 YTD: Jan
2017 YTD: Jan 1st-Dec 31st - 119,886.00
2009-2018 Inception-Current: 463,500.00 hrs

We congratulate and commend all the volunteers Chaplains for all of their dedication and hard work with reaching and exceeding their milestone 
of 100,000 hrs on April 26th 2014. Chaplaincy was privileged and honored to be recognized with proclamations from the 
City of LV Mayors Office, NV State Governors Office,  The Clark County Commissioners, and the Office of the White House, Washington DC.. 
Chaplains Credited Volunteer Hours:
Include volunteer hrs of Ministry training, and volunteer "in-field" work as a Chaplain.
Chaplains wishing to receive credit for ministry, church, business/agency work, must receive approval and permission from either Pastors,church, and organizations their work is associated with.  Chaplains may conduct themselves as a Chaplain within these venues under the permission of said organizations for credited hours within Chaplaincy Nevada to take effect.

Chaplains Administration Team
Director: SR Chaplain Barry
Admin Asst. Lead: Chaplain Chris Stoltzfus
Chaplain Sara Bonaparte
Chaplain Martin J Rodriquez
Chaplain Kathy Zacks
Chaplain Dorla Stewart

Chaplaincy Infrastructure

Administration Director: SR Chaplain Barry 
Oversee’s all Chaplain volunteers, hours, training transcripts, suspenisons, re-certification, and any other Administration staff and duties for keeping necessary Ministry data and files, and any and all duties necessary for Ministry . Selects his staff and Admin Asst.

Academy of Religious Studies Director: SR Chaplain Michael Thrower
Oversee’s all Chaplain Academy Education/Training and non-academy-training, (includes specialty/cpt classes) materials, training tools, power point, annual instructor meetings, and any and all duties necessary for Ministry religious studies, chaplain students, and SR graduate files. Updated site

Academy Religious Studies Endorsing Body SR Chaplains: Michael, Victorya, Sally, Barry, Jim
The Religious training director may call upon any member of this body for additional advice, reports, meetings, and any and all matters that may need specific direction or ideas in the training areas. This body of individuals may review any and all training materials and give their recommendations, guidance, suggestions, and counsel for updates, edits, and revisions. If any member of this body would like to be removed upon disagreement of being selected, they may do so by letting the Training Director know of their decision. Members shall work towards goals and improvements for all training, and any and all duties necessary for Ministry

Religious Studies: CPT Training Lead: SR Chaplain Sally
Acts in the capacity as the CPT training Lead, gives direction to any and all training instructors, reviews materials, power points, provides reports for Admin., Training Director, and the AB of completion, graduates, oversee’s CPT graduation, consults with any CPE students, didactics, etc. 

APCC SIT: CPE SIT SR Chaplain Annette
Acts in the capacity of Supervisior in training for APCC, is the CPT contact for CPE and reports. Provides information of CPE trainings, materials, sessions through consultation, presentations, didactics, reports with Chaplains CPT lead.

Advisory Board: Chaplains Michael, Sally, Barry, Bryan, Anthony, Todd, Debbie, Diana, Ryan, Tamia, Laquieta
The AB shall consist of 11 members who represent Chaplaincy leadership, and reviews programs and reports. AB members are made up of male or female, who come together one time per month for program reports, discussions, changes, updates, growth, mentorship and ministering for chaplain development and growth, etc., and for any and all reasonable purposes and duties necessary for Ministry.

AB Chair: SR Chaplain Michael Thrower
Oversee’s the Chaplaincy Nevada Advisory Board, members, programs, reports, changes, revisions, additions, and any and all duties necessary for Ministry. An AB Chair is elected upon 2 yrs., and may be re-elected after any following 2 yr change.

AB Vice Chair: SR Chaplain Sally St John
Oversee’s as 2nd in command of the Chaplains Advisory Board. Continues in the place of the AB Chair as per the Chairs direction, absence, to perform any and all duites required by the Chair and AB. An AB Vice Chair is elected upon 2 yrs., and may be re-elected as Vice chair after any following 2 yr change, yet may be nominated and elected for the following Chair position.

Chaplains Consultants: Chaplains: SR Annette, Maria, SR Marshaun, Jennie, Sharon, SR Jon, SR Dorla
Consultation board which helps remedy the situation lending professional or expert advice to the AB members when requested, or as per any reasonable duties necessary for Ministry. Consults may be invited to board meetings, however they may have no input or voting privileges.

Chaplains CRB Conduct Review Board: SR Chaplains Barry, Sally, Tamia, Laquieta
Chaplains valid discrepancy's peer-to-peer should only be submitted to this Committee for review and assessment, for resolutions and settlement. The CRB shall perform any and all duites required, and according to any policies set forth for Ministry.

Chaplains Spiritual Re-Orientation: SR Chaplain Michael
Chaplains CRB will file its findings with the Spiritual re-orientation lead, after the review and interview of any complaint filed with the CRB. In conclusion the “finding(s)” of the CRB will then be sent to the Spiritual re-orientation lead for any further development of the Chaplain in question. The SRO Lead shall perform any and all duties required, and according to any policies set forth for Ministry. The SRO lead may choose an assistant to help perform and complete any duties directed by the SRO lead necessary for Ministry.

MOFM-Chaplaincy NV Executive Director: Victorya Campe
Governs through the Bylaws of Messages of Faith Ministry and its dba’s. Shall review all reports, programs, training's, and any and all duties necessary for approval set forth by MOFM for the continuance and growth of Christian Ministry.