Welcome to Nevada Chaplains Corp USA                                                                The (NCCUSA) is located in Clark County Nevada, Las Vegas

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Nevada Chaplains Corp USA - Membership:

Our Chaplains continue to support their home churches and continue to remain under their Pastors as they act as Chaplains, and liaisons between the church, ministry and community.
Many of our Chaplains join Chaplaincy Nevada as previously ordained Pastors, Deacons, Ministers, Elders, etc.
Nevada Chaplain Corp supports, aids, and assists all facets of  law enforcement when responding to their call.
Our Chaplains volunteer, and are employed in all aspects of community.

The Nevada Chaplains Corp is a dba of Messages of Faith Ministry, a Christian Outreach and Membership services division of its 501 c3 religious organization and NV state licensed ministry.Nevada Chaplains Corp (NCCUSA) is a corporate body of members of the clergy; which provides for the spiritual needs of others, acting as a unit with the boots-on-the-ground approach to ministry, while providing support and crisis intervention to those in need.

Our Chaplains are volunteer career chaplains who combine faith, education, workplace, religious training/experience with professional chaplaincy training. 
We offer an In-House Academy of religious training through Chaplaincy Nevada, which is the MOFM educational and training division, that also offers ordination, ecclesiastical endorsements and certifications in the field of Chaplaincy. Our chaplains keep a faithful balance between God, family, and their work. Our chaplains are trained to respond while respecting biblical views- faith boundaries as a Christian, to the Interfaith community.

We provide ground forces of faith of highly trained, professional chaplains. We have a Chaplains Advisory Board staff dedicated to chaplain recruitment, training, and support. Nevada Chaplains Corp is dedicated, and committed to building systems of religious leadership accountability within the NCCUSA.

Our faith as Christians commands us to share the life transforming Gospels of Jesus Christ, in a loving, respectful and courteous manner.
​Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will Rom 12:2

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-Nevada Prisons
-CCDC programs
-Juvenile Justice Services divisions
-Fire Dept.
-LVMPD-MVP program
-Drug & Alcohol Rehab
-Homelessness-Mental Health
-Gang Task Force
-Evangelism & Fellowship
-Work Force
-Licensed State Marriage Officiants
among other venues
Chaplain Corp Members

Victorya Campe
Pamela Poston
Walter Poston   
Edna Adesoro  
Maria Bruce  
PJ Camacho
Dorla Stewart 
Michael Thrower 
Marshaun Winston 
Jesse Patino
Matthew Ellenson
Karen Ellenson
Maryann Hart
Sean Burilli
Cathy Gunter
Emanuel Gunter
Jackie Sosa
Antonio Garcia
Gloria Brandon
Barry Mainardi  
Debbie Damron   
Ryan M Creelman 
Linda  Creelman  
Kristen Gregg  
Diana Reyes  
Leo Magrdichian
Ricca McCarrell  
Fernando Anguiano
Celia Olson
Janice Wyatt
G-George Miller
Delores Olsen
Effie Cottam
Michael Cottam
Lovie Ringgold
Anthony Kirk
Aurora Espinoza
Anita Daniels
Robert Withrow  
Estrella Philibosian  
Dawn Bowles  
Tamia Dow     
Robert Duran  
Jennie Votaw  
Annette Pflaum  
Rick Voskuhl  
Wolfe Heywood  
Chris Stoltzfus
Gracie Spaight
Oliver Bueno
Tina Bueno
Carol Tidd
​PJ Belanger
Francisco De La Cruz
Sharon Sampson
Elizabeth Epperson
Kimetha Henderson
Hilda Espades
Leon Stevens
Debra Tyus
Ronald Olson
Elaine Olson
Nicole Webster
Dawn LaCoste
Joni Reid
Warren Vandenhoff
Michael Wong
Karen Atlantic
Joni Papsch
​Michael Brunson
Theresa Moore
Dwayne Jackson
Elizabeth Norman
Donna Randazzo
Anabel Presley
Dauda Presley
Gary Roysden
Bryan Ostaszewski
Sara DeWitt
Anthony Williams
Lynn Williams
Carol Russell
Ron Russell
Tyrone Chew
Sharon Chew
Charlotte Dancy
Renee Nishioka
Krystine Hoffman
Raynette McGuinnes
​Janine Crossley
Ruth Riley
​Monique Van- Wyngarden
​Hector Noguez
Carlos Duran
​Andrew Allen
Debra Mancini
Kay Landwehr
Ed Zieja
Duey Vernon
Kim Vernon
Karen Nickels
Ruben Lopez
Mary Andino
​Jack Anthony
Kathy McGehee Hanson
Christopher McLemore
Siham Jasmund
Lawrence Finney
Dawn Smoot
Al Weesner
Beverly Weesn
Charles Waldorf
Diana Waldorf
Sandra Lewis
Jock Moore
Sharon Rodriquez
Michael Williams

Nevada Chaplains Corp USA