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Serving the Las Vegas Community

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Our mission is to assist youth, young adults, families, and communities in the prevention of youth at risk/crisis, gang involvement and juvenile delinquency through partnerships with service organizations, law enforcement, criminal justice agencies, schools, faith-base, & the public. 
To prevent and suppress gang related activity through education, training, advocacy, mentorship, and networking.
Our Vision shapes the future of gang prevention, and intervention through strong, leadership, & mentor-ship that unites partnerships to promote the concepts within our Mission and Goal. Our goal is to create partnership opportunities for local government, community based agencies/faith-base, and citizens to help reduce gang violence and crime, and help develop our youth at risk into productive, and educated individuals.
Love a child, and restore their faith, Help a child, and restore their hope, Mentor a child, and restore their future

-Crossing Bridges Symposium- 
Gangs- Mental Health- Addictions

Bringing awareness and highlighting common denominators that bridge Mental health=Dual diagnosis=Addictions= Society=Children & Adults= Crime= Gangs=Law enforcement =Courts=Detention & prisons
-Prevention: strives to help families meet the formidable challenges of raising a child today by addressing topics that include school violence, child development, -bullying, organized sports, child abuse, and the juvenile justice system.
-Prevention Programs: including early childhood, school-based, and after school initiatives. Strategies using multiple techniques, i.e. such as community policing.
-Gang Prevention: Educate parents, schools, and communities on gangs. Gangs aren't selective, so they are prepared to pick up anyone who falls through the families crack.
-Gang Intervention programs, including those that work to create violence-free zones, establish gang summits and truces, and help to rehabilitate youth at risk, gang members/affiliates in juvenile detention and correctional facilities. Strategies share how to implement best practices, and sustain long-term gang reduction. Comprehensive approaches to gang problems are needed; such as the Comprehensive Community-Wide Approach to Gang Prevention, Intervention, and Suppression. Education, training, mentor-ship programs for youth at risk/crisis.
-Intervention programs seek to educate, and reduce the criminal activities of gangs by coaxing youth away from gangs and reducing criminality among gang members. Violence-Free Zones, a grassroots community intervention for youth and gang-related violence.
RECAP- Community Faith Based Partnership
LVMPD Office of Community Engagement w/ LVMPD Area Commands
Rebuilding Every Community Around Peace-

​City of Las Vegas Mayors Initiatives: RECAP Committee

Chaplaincy Nevada / SNV Community Gang Task-Force strive for excellence in  partnerships when serving the community with leadership skills, certified /specialized training's, chaplaincy/pastoral spiritual/sacramental/prayer.
Hosted Chaplain training's in gang prevention, crisis, disasters, etc. including the Chaplains RECAP Gangs Training.

Chaplain RECAP LEAD'S : Debbie Damron & Marshaun Winston  LEAD ASST.: Hilda Espades & Pastor Fernando Anguiano