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Book Project: The Writers Workshop

The book project is a Chaplaincy created and collaborative effort that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim in providing Chaplains with an outlet for artistic skills and God-sized dreams. The writer’s class and book project is a Ministry endeavor for training its Chaplains with the ability to carry out a task with pre-determined results, and a purpose and goal of reaching for, or advancing one’s status as a published author. 
The objective is to help chaplains accomplish their dream as a writer in becoming part of a book and published authorship. The completed book shall be utilized for MOFM Ministry purposes only, and fundraising events coordinated with the Chaplains Fundraising dept. to where all book sale proceeds benefit.

The Chaplaincy Book is a two-fold project;
A.Author’s forum/course in training and promoting writers.
B.Completed book for fundraising.

Developing a writers class
Project, class, team facilitator
Creating a class Syllabus’ (this should include the # of sessions, the days & hrs, the topics covered, materials needed, assignments, and project)
Requirements, expectations & roles of the writers
Team coordination (proof readers, editors, photos, review, promotional, launch, sales, etc)
Story and photo submission, writer’s waiver
Scheduling, book signing’s, events, etc.
Sales and proceeds
Book Project Facilitator: SR Chaplain Tamia Dow
Fundraising Coordinator/Dept.: SR Chaplain Diana Reyes
Ministry ED: SR Chaplain Victorya