2021  Basic Chaplaincy Certification & Ordination Schedule
Community Outreach Faith-based Training

Class Location: 400 Martin Luther King 
 Metro-Plex Training Rooms  Bldg. A 

--Basic Chaplaincy Certification:
April-Sat & Sun. – 17/ 18/24/25th
Sat 10AM-4PM / Sun 1-7PM   4 Sessions
--Ordination Course: May- 1/2nd
Sat- 11:AM-7:PM 
--Ordination Ceremony/SR Chaplain Graduation: 
Sat May 8th 11:00AM 

--October: Basic Chaplaincy Certification:
-Sat & Sun. – 16/17/23/24th
Sat 10AM-4PM Sun 1-7PM 
-- Ordination Course: Oct-: Sat & Sun  
Sat 30th 10AM-6:PM 
Sun. October 31st 1:00-7:00 PM
-- Ordination Ceremony/ SR Graduation 
11/6/2021 11:AM

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Basic Chaplaincy Lay Classes-Community Service Provider Training
Faithbased Community Outreach - Ordination Course is Available for Approved Graduates
2021 Ordination & SR Chaplain Graduation