Basic Chaplaincy Global
Chaplaincy Nevada-Global - Become a Basic/ Lay Chaplain
Chaplaincy Nevada Global reaching on-line, long distance and global for Christ. 
This special branch of Chaplaincy Nevada Online will work to provide individuals far and wide, called by 
Christ to become connected in a ministerial profession.
This division will have specific conditions and protocol that must be met in order to qualify as a certified 
lay Chaplain.
Individuals must complete an application and oath in its entirety. 
Individuals complete all working assignments. Individuals must be of traditional Christian faith.
Recommendation letter (from either Pastor/Church staff/Ministry official). 

Become a Basic/Lay Chaplain
A Lay Chaplain is an individual working/ volunteering in a church/outreach setting providing spiritual/faith-based services to 
others such as in a crisis position, who is not ordained as a professional member of clergy.

-For On-line class completion there are additional steps and assignments that will need to be met to earn your on-line (global) in-house credit.
- Text/ Written Exercise Assignments (in place of classroom studies/ labs): Video and Written
- 100-200 word Summary per Power Point Topics
- Written Quiz
- Email Class check-in
-All assignments will need to be scanned and upload, submission,and review.
-16 hrs of in-field services as a Chaplain, in a ministerial/outreach service, i.e. church, prison, jail, juveniles, schools, hospital, volunteer.
-Your on-line class certification completion will be added to your Transcripts by the Chaplains Administration dept. 
-Certificates will be mailed.

* Applicant must complete an application with verifiable information.
* Applicants may be either a Male or a Female.
* Applicant must be over 21 years with a legal I.D.
* All On-line applicants must reside Outside of the state of Nevada.
* Applicants understand that no part of our written materials may be misused or changed.
* Applicant must be of traditional Biblical Christian faith. 
​* Applicants understand that MOFM has the right to refuse any application that does not meet its requirements.

Inside The Class Room

Chaplaincy Training
Text PDF: Basic Chaplaincy

-Basic Chaplaincy- What is Chaplaincy, What is a Chaplain, Chaplain Requirements & training, Emergency and non-emergency chaplains, & more.
-Ministry- Classification of Ministers, the Minister, Qualifications of a Minister, & more
-World Religions

Extended Understanding of Chaplaincy

​Chaplaincy- Global Application:
Application process is approximately 7 days.
Please continue to scroll down the application answering each question, signing and dating, and then submit.


1 Is there a fee?
Yes, $49.99. This fee covers your PDF Text, Certificate, processing, shipping and handling.
2 Are there materials provided? Yes. Once your application is approved you will receive your Email of information and materials to download and print, or save to your file.
3 Will there be assignments to complete? Yes. You will have written assignments, and video assignments.
4 How does the video assignments work? You must complete a 3-5 minute video of you detailing the assignment topic summary. Save the file and upload it by email. Video assignment information will be emailed out to you.
5 Is there an Exam? Yes. You must complete the exam, scan and email it back to
​6 What type of Certificate will I receive? A Basic Chaplains Certificate & Training Letter.
​7 How can this Certificate be used? As a Credential, and for Resume' information.
8 Is this a Christian Ministry? Yes.
9 Do I pay before I receive any materials? Yes. Complete an application free of charge. Once you receive your approval you may choose to take the course and use Paypal. Paypal also accepts credit card. 
10 Can I receive a Chaplains ID, membership? Yes. There is an additional fee, plus the applicant must sign a Chaplaincy Code of Conduct, and submit a Pastoral recommendation.
11 How long does this on-line course run? As long as it takes the individual to complete it, it can run anywhere from 1-3 months.

Do Not Pay for this class until you have been approved.

Have You Been Approved? Excellent!
You may now pay for this course. Once payment has been completed your materials will be sent via your email address.
Sorry, once you have received your course materials there are no refunds.

Contact us:
Messages of Faith Ministry/Chaplaincy Nevada   Tax ID 88-0501643

PayPal safe and secure.
Purchase your training at $49.99, in the description area print Global Chaplain Academy and the print your receipt.
You will receive your training materials within 72 hrs. 
Sorry No Refunds after materials are sent via email.